Pre Order : Why It Matters [Part 1]

2 min read

Have you ever bought a product at its price and felt regret for spending too much money? Especially after you use it daily and feel like it should be cheaper? Have you ever thought how impactful the funds invested on something else more critical like for education? Well, guess what, you are right on the price part. That is how the industry works, and there is nothing wrong about that. It happens on our daily basis to cover all the costs company has to hide while maintaining profits for shareholders and unpredicted costs.

This practice leads to something people use to call price is equal to quality. For example, to get a high-quality product you will have to spent a tremendous amount of money. In fact, the product cost less to make, much less. We believe in something more than money. That money does not always solve issues. Having faith in there is more to "currency" than money, put us on research on how the industry works.

We found that there are a cost of goods sold, multiplier or keystone, suppliers, sourcing companies, the brand itself, agent, consignment stores, and customers. We are living in a very complicated world and supply chain to make an item arrived on a shelf, and you could look at it. Not only it puts a lot of margins in between the chain, but it also necessary to raise the price significantly to place an item on the shelf for you to choose.

Imagine this, what if you could spend less for an item to get them and the company could innovate with the margin? Not only a better product will be available in the market at a more reasonable price, but the company could also innovate fast and grow fast. Every single player in the chain will have to develop bigger, faster, and hire more people who contribute to the whole economy. Everybody will win out of it.

To be continue on part II.