Started in my mom-owned rented garage in Jakarta, NAMA began its journey with a second hand bought by borrowed money from friends Juki sewing machine (long name huh?). With no Degree in Fashion or Arts, we started to sew lots of prototypes and bags for friends.

Our goal was to create a durable, rainproof and fun bags that looks good for commuters, office people and travelers. It has to be full of cool features, versatile for streets and bars and an absolute head-turner.

However, it was hard to made money for startup company like us. Stores were never be our option to distribute our creations with 30 days of payment and no chance to connect with our buyers. So, we pivoted our way and committed to create a better channel to connect with our buyers while still be able to buy some food, materials, developing better products and pay bills and debts.

Slowly but sure we found our way. We have been able to collaborate with our buyers and people in ways never before imagined even from our wildest dreams. We recruited local craftsmen (yeayy! I don't have to sew no more!) and partnering in a most beneficial way to create new better bags every week in this past years.

Our bags are field tested with lifetime guarantee. It looks good, affordable, well-designed and proudly made in-house right here in Jakarta, Indonesia by local craftsmen/artisans. No sweatshops, fair wages and creative working environment.


Size Chart
Size Chart

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