Group Buy

How does Group Buy work?

A Group Buy Program lets individuals to buy our products in wholesale price instead of retail price. The program works in something like this;

  1. Customers purchase the product in pre-order system, but only have to pay 50% of it.

  2. It takes time - varied for each products - for each pre order to be finished.

  3. There are milestones to accomplished that will unlocked better pricing as the price will drop every time.

  4. When it hits the maximum point or 2 weeks before the ETD for delivery - either first - every account should pay the remaining for us to deliver the products at final price.

This way, we could become more efficient. Instead of getting higher profits from it, we chose to give more benefits to our customers. Because when we start to give back, it means we have taken too much from it and so we start from the very beginning.

Size Chart
Size Chart

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